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29. Happiness

Fandom: LoK
Characters/Pairings: Bolin/Jinora/Bolinora
Note: I forgot how much I love these two.

100 Themes Challenge

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96. In the Storm

Fandom: LoK
Characters/Pairings: Asami, Masami
Note: Masami is probably my favorite sunken ship

100 Themes Challenge

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The 3 Times Korra Failed to Properly Confess to Tahno

Attempt 1

After their shameful loss from their last championship match, the Wolfbats took two years off before coming back into the pro-bending circuit. They walked into the fan-packed arena for the first time after their break to compete against the Tigerwasps only to be greeted by a chorus of boos an insults flung their way from the crowd. However there was one fan amongst the haters.


Korra felt her heart skip a beat when he looked directly at her from his position in the ring. She didn’t realize how loud and and distinctive her voice was amongst the audience. His expression was seemingly blank, but she could tell he was anxious. His eyes stayed locked on hers, waiting for her to say something more.


She bit the inside of her lip, hesitating to finish what she wanted to say. It had been so easy to be forward Mako years before, and yet now she found herself clamming up when it came to Tahno. She hated to admit it to herself, but he made her uneasy. Despite it all though, she inhaled and words came fumbling out.


The Wolfbats lost that match.

Attempt 2

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So 5 years ago, I came across one of the many variations of the 100 themes challenge on DeviantArt. And like many spineless teenagers, I never completed it. So now that I am way too old and busy to be watching cartoons and writing fanfiction, I will attempt to tackle the challenge from the beginning. The fandoms and pairings and characters will be pretty random - just so no one gets their hopes up. Anyway…

1. Introduction
Fandom: LoK
Characters/Pairings: Skoochy, Jinora (Jinoochy if you squint)
Warnings: Iwrotethisat3AMdon’tjudgeme None

100 Themes Challenge

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Type: Continuation III


Actually, I will make no such promises.

srsly, okay. last one. here we go. more bolinorakoochy with a hint of ikkoochy. it will leave you hanging. just use your imagination.

oh, and sexual references. be warned. i’m sorry if some of it scars you for life.

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Type: Continuation II

Why do this little continuations keep popping into my head? I need to be working on my smex pieces dammit!

Bolinorakoochy, here we go. Oh Bolin, never give too many details. Mild cursing warning.

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Type: Continuation

Crap, something else just popped up into my mind after I re-read my last post. Not really Bolinora, but I’m gonna tag it as such since it has to do with my last bit. Deal with it :P

A slight continuation:

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Goodness, where the hell did Bolinora come from? Why am I so in love with it? I only went searching for some Jinoochy and BAM! Bolinora came in and their ship was so fantastic that I just had to climb aboard. Maybe it’s my strange love for crack and age-difference pairings. I’m even working on a smutty Bolinora piece that hopefully will be finished in the next few days.

Anyway, here is a very short, sweet, G-rated bit that just popped into my head in the meantime. Enjoy :D

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